Action without a plan is the root cause of all failure.

However, knowing who to contact and when will put you in good stead for obtaining the media exposure you desire.

Media outlets create stories in many different ways, but every year there's one system which they follow religiously and that is by celebrating various dates in the yearly calendar. 

In this toolkit you will find:

  • A 12-month media planning diary which highlights all the key dates of the coming year to help you plan your pitches
  • A 22-page monthly planner for you to download, fill in, track and plan your outreach
  • An easy to follow PR CRM spreadsheet, to help you keep on top of all your outreach efforts

The media plan their stories way in advance. So, if you want to be one step ahead of your competition and gain the support of the media, it's up to you to put in all the forward planning. 

Media coverage relies on being organised and systemised in your approach, nail this and you can easily become your own PR machine in no time.

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About the instructor

Business and Publicity Strategist

Suzie Parkus

Suzie Parkus is a highly regarded and sought after businesswoman and media personality.With over 16 years of business under her belt, Suzie knows a thing or two about what it requires to successfully take an idea from conception through to completion. Having learned many lessons along the way, one of Suzie's passions is helping fellow entrepreneurs to actualise their dreams, no matter where they may be in their journey and no matter how far-fetched those ideas may seem to the average Joe.Having worked with clients in some of the most obscure of niches, Suzie sees every one of her clients as a star, and as someone who just needs a little extra help creating their own bespoke and winning formula.

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