Would you like to stop being a well-kept secret and start doing more business and less marketing?

 Well, now you can, by taking control of your own PR efforts

PR agencies can cost you £1,000's in monthly fees, but, when you do it yourself, you can not only save yourself money, but you get to take control of how, why and where you show up.

Would you like to stop relying on WOM (word of mouth) for your business success?

Would you like to enjoy the kudos and credibility that comes from appearing in the press?

Becoming your own publicist is totally doable!

How do I know and how can I be so sure?

For the past 2.5 years, I have been showing up regularly in the local, national and international media and it has all been achieved through my own PR efforts.

And in doing so.....

I have become a go-to expert for the media.

I get paid to share my knowledge and ideas.

I get aligned with well-known brands.

Sure, I've made some rookie mistakes along the way and yes I lost some time whilst fumbling my way through. However, YOU don't have to waste time and money with YOUR efforts, because I am going to show you what works and what doesn't in this jam-packed course that will see you get instant PR results by applying the principals that I share with you.

Don't you think it's about time the world got to know about you, your products and your services?



So, here's what you are going to get from this course:

  •  How to get your mindset ready for PR success - believe me this is an absolute must!
  •  Understanding the different types of PR and how to apply them to your business - there's no such thing as one size fits all
  •  Understanding the different types of PR outlets and how to best utilise them to gain visibility 
  •  How to organise your PR admin to get the best results and stay on top of your efforts - being organised saves you so much time and money
  •  How to get your overall presence PR ready so that the journalists and their audience fall in love with you and what you're about
  •  How to be a content generation machine. No more getting stuck for content ideas whether it's for sharing on your social media or to share with the media outlets
  •  Understanding what content is magnetising and which content is repelling for the media so that you get more yes's
  •  How to know what your ideal audience want to know from you so that you can speak their language 
  •  Understanding your competition and how to be one step ahead
  •  How to be pitch perfect
  •  Knowing how to pitch to the journalists with confidence 
  •  Knowing what to pitch to the journalists and when
  •  How to find the perfect publications for you and your content
  •  How to find the right journalists for you and your story 
  •  How to position yourself as an expert
  •  How to effectively connect with media outlets and use the templates that have worked for me
  •  Knowing what the top media connection platforms are and how to use them 
  •  Understanding all the mistakes I made and how to avoid them with ease. Mistakes cost time and money!

If you would love to have a proven blueprint that will get you into the media, then this is the course for you!!

You're probably thinking, well this all sounds great, but at the same time wondering why PR and why not invest in SEO, Paid ads, leaflets etc.....

Here's a snapshot as to what PR can do for you, your business and your brand:

  • You get to spread your message further and wider
  • When you get featured, your level authority, credibility, professionalism and status is enhanced
  • When you get featured, people naturally assume that you and your business are something special and to be taken note of
  • When you have authority in your space, you get to charge more
  • When you get featured, you get to leverage the authority of the journalist / outlet, which in turn increases your authority
  • You have increased bragging rights. Everyone who's been featured brags about it and now you can too and too right, it's an achievement
  • Features equal more features. If people like what you do and what you have to say, you will get more opportunities coming your way. It's called going viral by association
  • Media features are like scoring a 1st at Uni. When you get featured, it means you can open doors with more authority and confidence
  • It's not just your target audience who will see your features, but other journalists and important industry leaders too
  • Opportunities arise when you put yourself out there 
  • The SEO you get from media features far surpasses that of any Google spend. I rank on page #1 of Google for my niche and I have never paid for ads in my life. How long would that take you to achieve with ad spends, not to mention the competition in your niche and the cost involved
  • Can lead to increased Google searches because appearances breed curiosity

You get the picture, right?

But, now you're thinking, why do your own PR when someone else can do it for you?

Here's why:

  • When you work with a publicist, it can take 3 - 6 months before you get a return on your investment. That's a minimum of 6K - 18K gone before you have even started
  • You can create coverage for yourself faster than any publicist can. Not to mention the fact that you are not their only client
  • You get to build and maintain your own journalist and media relations and take them with you wherever you go
  • If you rely solely on a publicist, then they get to keep all the valuable connections for themselves
  • I now have journalists on speed dial and they have direct access to me too
  • Everything with the media is time sensitive and if a story is urgent, there's no time to go through a PR. Too many people in the communication chain can lose you the opportunity
  • Media outlets prefer to speak to the actual person behind the story. It's far quicker for them and they get to hear the information first hand
  • If the media love you, they will keep on coming back to you and no 3rd person can get in the way of you and another story
  • You have complete control of where you are featured and what gets featured
  • No one can ever tell your story better than you can and that's a fact!

In this course, I teach people just like you, how easy it is to generate their own press coverage so that they too can become highly ‪visible in their niche which enables them to reach new clients in places they never knew existed! 

Clients who have been through my course and those who have utilised my 1-2-1 coaching have secured several press opportunities in as little as 1 week!

Bonuses include:

        Interviews with a top radio show producer, radio show host and podcast host based on their experience of my approach, my appearances on their program, along with their own insights into what makes for a dream guest. 

About the instructor

Business and Publicity Strategist

Suzie Parkus

Suzie Parkus is a highly regarded and sought after businesswoman and media personality.With over 16 years of business under her belt, Suzie knows a thing or two about what it requires to successfully take an idea from conception through to completion. Having learned many lessons along the way, one of Suzie's passions is helping fellow entrepreneurs to actualise their dreams, no matter where they may be in their journey and no matter how far-fetched those ideas may seem to the average Joe.Having worked with clients in some of the most obscure of niches, Suzie sees every one of her clients as a star, and as someone who just needs a little extra help creating their own bespoke and winning formula.

In securing your place today, you will be grandfathered in for life. 

So, if you want in at the lowest price for the only course you will ever need to kickstart your PR journey, then don't delay and let's get your PR journey started.

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